Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New 'Mass of Ages' hits the streets

Members have been receiving the copies of our quarterly magazine Mass of Ages over the last couple of days (Royal Mail permitting). It is being mailed in transparent plastic wrappers for the first time, and has been printed by a new (to us) printer, Cambrian, who have done an excellent job: the photos throughout the magazine have come out much better than before. And the whole thing is actually cheaper than the old system of printing and mailing.

Buy a copy here!

This is all part of the modernisation of the Latin Mass Society's operations. Readers may recall our office move, one of the first things I put into motion on becoming Chairman; we now have a new General Manager as well. Our publicity materials, the membership leaflet and the 'Guide to the LMS' booklet sent to new members, have been entirely redesigned. We'll soon be asking members to agree to a revised constitution.

What I am most pleased about is that we've been able to do this 'behind the scenes' work without our work for the Church being impeded. We have more exciting events coming up than ever before:

Families: come to the St Catherine's Family Retreat, 8-10th April, sponsored by the LMS.

Singers: come to the Gregorian Chant Network Weekend Course directed by Colin Mawby, 8-10th April, sponsored by the LMS.

Pilgrims: sign up for the LMS Walsingham Walking Pilgrimage in August, and the great Chartres Pilgrimage in June which is also supported by the LMS.

Our first ever pilgrimage in honour of St Margaret Clitherow is taking place with Mass in York Minster on 26th March.

Priests: come along to our Priest Training Conference in Buckfast Abbey, 3-6th May.

Young People: come to World Youth Day with Juventutem with LMS sponsorship.

Our London Easter Triduum is moving to a larger church, St Mary Moorfields.

I like to get about to our events but I'm getting to my limit here. I'll be at the Family Retreat and Chant Course, I'll be in York, I'll be at Chartres and Walsingham, and Buckfast; I'm too old for World Youth Day however!

This Friday Juventutem London is having their first Solemn Mass at 6.30pm; at 6pm the first of a series of Masses in Southwark Cathedral is taking place; and here in Oxford there'll be Low Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine. It is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. I haven't yet found a way to be in three places at once; instead I'll be singing with the Juventutem group.

I hope to see you there! And while you're about it, why not join the LMS?


  1. Anonymous7:34 pm

    I just wonder what's going to happen to those who always want their magazine in a plain brown envelope for anonymity. Transparent plastic will 'out' them.

  2. Joseph Shaw8:23 pm

    Oh the plain brown envelope can be arranged! ;)

  3. Richard Collins3:15 pm

    Pilgrims.....what about the LMS  Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Taper? The National Shrine of Wales and the equal of Our Lady of Walsingham Shrine.  How could you possibly overlook that?....Oh, I know...it's in Wales.

  4. Joseph Shaw3:34 pm

    Really Richard get a grip! Stop being so snarky! The reason I didn't mention Our Lady of the Taper is because the date is not yet arranged - as you should know with your great interest in it.
    I hope it was fall on a day I can make myself - as you know I attended two years ago. Last year it coincided with the Chartres Pilgrimage.
    Now put those claws away!

  5. Richard Collins5:12 pm

    Sorry, I should have added a colon and a comma and then it would have not been snarky! The reality is, however, that Wales is dropped off the listings on so many occasions (not often by the LMS) and it is galling to hear Catholics talking about England in the Reformation and so on when there is also a rich history here in Wales.
    You will, of course, be very welcome when you come.

  6. Joseph Shaw6:14 pm