Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Welcome to Juventutem Bristol!

Another Juventutem group has just launched. We now have

Juventutem London

Juventutem Oxford
Juventutem Reading
Juventutem Bristol
Young Catholic Adults in Cheltenham

All are affiliated to Young Catholic Adults, and the international Juventutem Federation. Their national chaplain is Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP.

They get together for an annual retreat in Douai Abbey and many of them will be heading for World Youth Day with LMS sponsorship. You can have a look at Juventutem London's monthly newsletters here.

Juventutem is a group for young Catholics attached to the Traditional Mass. People who are in despair about young people leaving the Church should stop wringing their hands and make them a donation. Juventutem London is seeking funds.


  1. Paul Sean8:38 pm

    How did you get the wretched button in the post? I've been trying for hours!

  2. Joseph Shaw8:58 pm

    You paste the code in, but it has to be 'edit html' not the other tab at the top right.

  3. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Thanks for the link, Dr Shaw - you may be interested to know that Juventutem Bristol's first event has now been arranged for the second Sunday in May, Mass + lunch.