Monday, October 31, 2011

First Mass in New Brighton under the ICKSP!

News from the Latin Mass Society:

We extend a warm welcome to Canon Olivier Meney, ICKSP, who took up residence at SS Peter and Paul's Church, Atherton Street, New Brighton, Wirral CH45 9LT, at the weekend. Canon Meney celebrated his first public Mass in the church this morning, Monday, 31 October. (New Brighton is part of the Liverpool conurbation and is on the Liverpool underground system.)

As you will no doubt already know, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, Rt Rev Mark Davies, recently invited the Institute of Christ the King to re-open SS Peter and Paul's as England's first Traditional Parish, an arrangement mandated by the Holy Father's motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. Bishop Davies has also asked the Institute to run the parish as the diocese's permanent centre of Eucharistic devotion.

Renovation on the church and presbytery, which were closed in 2008, has been proceeding for several months now, but the main structural work is almost complete. There is still work to be done to get the church into a suitable condition for parish use, but Masses can now be said at a side altar.

More Masses for this week announced
Canon Meney has announced that there will be Masses at SS Peter and Paul on All Souls' Day (Wednesday, 2 November) at 8.00am and 8.30am, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week (3-5 November) all at 9.00am. Further Masses have yet to be announced.

On All Saints's day, Canon Meney will celebrate Mass at the nearby Sacred Heart Church at Moreton at 11am.

We congratulate Bishop Davies on his far-sighted, pastoral decision to re-open the church at New Brighton and to make it available to the Institute of Christ the King. Canon Meney's arrival at New Brighton coincided providentially with his order's patronal feast day of Christ the King (Sunday, 30 October). We ask you to keep Bishop Davies and Canon Meney in your prayers.


  1. Surrey Highlander9:32 pm

    Excellent news. 

    I'm not sure I would agree with your use of 'canon' to describe members of the institute, though.  It isn't how one would address other canons regular and has the potential to appear self-aggrandising as the bearer might be understood to be a member of a cathedral chapter. 

    Also wouldn't ICRSS be more appropriate than ICKSP - especially from the LMS?!

  2. Canon Hudson8:41 am

    <span>Laissez ici votre commentaire en respectant les lois. Tout commentaire jugé inapproprié (agressif, raciste, diffamatoire, publicitaire, grossier, hors sujet…) sera supprimé</span>
    Dear 'Surrey Highlander',

    The Institute has been approved  as a community of 'secular canons' of Pontifical Right.  We are not 'regulars' as we are not a religious order. It is simply a matter of being polite to address priests of the Institute as 'canon'. However we won't be upset by rudeness.