Sunday, September 02, 2012

Change of rector for SS Peter & Paul in the Wirral

It has been anounced that Canon Meney ICKSP will be succeeded  by Canon Amaury Montjean ICKSP.

Canon Meney on the LMS Walsingham Pilgrimage
The announcement included the following text: "This unforseen change had to be decided because of a sudden and very grave illnes of one of our Canons in the United States. Since Canon Meney has long experience in North America, he is urgently needed in this difficult moment to help with the necessary replacement." His last Mass in SS Peter & Paul will be on 16th September.

We will miss Canon Meney, whose energy and enthusiasm were infectious, but we wish him well for his new role in San Fransisco and look foward to meeting his successor. Please pray for the continued success of the Institute's apostolate in the Wirral.

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