Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dominican Rite Low Mass booklet: corrected

The Dominican Rite Low Mass pdf which has been available on a couple of websites had a number of typos in it, including the omission of Anastasia from the Canon. It has now been corrected and is available from David Forster's Liturgia Latina site.

The typos came to light in preparing a booklet for last year's, and then this year's, Oxford Pilgrimage, which includes a Solemn Mass in the Domincan Rite in Blackfriars, Oxford. The differences between Low and Solemn Mass are also quite confusing. Since few people have a Dominian Rite hand missal, I thought it best to create a booklet with all the prayers of the Mass, Ordinary and Propers, so people can follow it as easily as possible.
Do come along this year! It is taking place on
Saturday 20th October, 
with Mass at 11am, and 
a Procession to one of Oxford's sites of martyrdom at 2pm, followed by Benediction.

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