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More about the Walsingham Pilgrimage, Part 2

To book for next year, at this year's rates, go the LMS Website and take advantage of the Early Bird offer. The dates for 2013 will be the equivalent of this year's, i.e. the bank holiday weekend: Friday 22nd to Sunday 25th August 2013.

Continued from the previous post.

On the second day we had the worst weather. Blimey, did it rain. But the storm passed.
On the third day, the shortest, we were joined by two newcomers: Canon Meney, who'd not been able to join us until then, and the processional statue of Our Lady of Walsingham, which had her first outing at the LMS Oxford Pilgrimage last October. IMG_0847
Carrying the statue on its bier was an experiment; it needs some adjustments ideally, but we did carry it all the way from Harpley to the Slipper Chapel, and then to the site of the Holy House. It is weatherproof, I'm glad to say.

We were all kept in order by Paul Smeaton, the indefatigable route-planner and chief marshall. IMG_0463
At the Solemn Mass in Walsingham, where the extraordinary lights turn everything bright yellow, we were joined not only by Bishop Davies, who preached, but by Fr Mark Withoos, who happened to be in this part of the country. Fr Withoos, who is also a great supporter of the Chartres Pilgrimage and was one of the chaplains this year, works in the Pontifical Council Ecclesia Dei. He was in choir, and joined the procession to the Abbey grounds after Mass.
There was room for a few more in the church, but it was pretty full: the fullest it has been for the LMS Pilgrimage for a long time, if not ever. As well as a coach coming from London, many people made the trip to the Solemn Mass and procession by car. IMG_0640
And that was quite a procession, singing the Rosary, with the statue and our banners, many pilgrims barefoot.
Into the Abbey grounds...
And after the final blessing by our chaplain, Fr Bede Rowe, the survivors' photo.

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