Sunday, November 18, 2012

LMS Annual Requiem

A splendid Mass - Pontificial High Mass with absolutions at the catafalque, celebrated by Bishop John Arnold and accompanied by the Westminster Cathedral Choir.
 IMG_0840 IMG_0872 IMG_1541
I have acquired the ability to take photographs from two places at once, No, seriously, I took both of the last two myself - not with the same camera, of course. One of them I operated by remote control. IMG_1559 IMG_0918
Bishop Arnold was (like all bishops celebrating Mass in the Old Rite) wearing a tunicle and a dalmatic under his chasuble, something which shows how the bishop's office incorporates the subdiaconate and the diaconate. He took these off in the sanctuary, and put on a cope, at the end of Mass, in order, first, to preach, and then to bless the catafalque. IMG_0928 IMG_1596
Sharp eyed readers will see that Fr Armand de Malleray was Assistant Priest, Fr Patrick Haward deacon, and Fr Matthew Goddard FSSP subdeacon. Fr Simon Leworthy can be seen helping to distribute communion. IMG_1615 More photos.

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