Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catholics Unplug Your Televisions: new blog

The group 'Catholics Unplug Your Televisions' now has a blog, which has been eliciting some lively debate. It is called 'Clear Vision'.

The CUT website has a lot of information about TV, past newsletters, and how to join the group. Even those who don't watch the thing should be informed about the content and effects of the telly; those who do watch it, the more you know the better you can gauge what is dangerous.

I always like this quote from the Catholic academic John Senior: 'First, ...smash the television set. The Catholic Church is not opposed to violence; only to unjust violence; so smash the television set.'

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  1. Thanks for the plug.

    In fact most of our members are Catholics who have given up the TV. We like to tell people how liberating it is.