Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chesterton play to be broadcast

 I have reservations about Chesterton as a thinker, but I love his fiction - Fr Brown and his poems are a particular favourite. I've never seen this play, but it sounds very interesting. Good for EWTN for doing a production.

GK Chesterton, well known Catholic author, journalist and public debater, also wrote a couple of plays. His last play, The Surprise, a fascinating Catholic story spun around a travelling playwright who creates a set of puppets to perform one of his plays, is to be shown on EWTN. The play is 2 hours long and can be seen on Saturday 22nd December at 12.30am, Sunday 23rd at 9pm or Wednesday 26th at 3am. You can watch EWTN online at or on sky 589. For Chesterton prayercards etc see

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  1. Yes I agree well done EWTN.

    At CUT we also say support Catholic television especially EWTN. It is legal to watch TV without a licence 'on demand' on your computer as long as it is not live, that is to say not at the same time as it is broadcast. However, apart from EWTN and other Catholic channels it’s a waste of time anyway.