Saturday, December 19, 2015

London Holy Week: times confirmed

Easter Vigil last year.
Each year since time immemorial (almost) the Latin Mass Society has organised a celebration of the Sacred Triduum in London according to the 1962 books. Last year, for the first time, we managed to include Tenebrae each day. I'm delighted to announce that we will be doing that again, and at a consistent time each day. The times are not the standard ones, because we have to fit round other things at the church, but they do make sense.

The venue is St Mary Moorfields, and we are very grateful to Canon Peter Newby for his hospitality there.

Each Tenebrae is 'anticipated' - according to the 1962 plan they'd be celebrated in the morning, but we are celebrating them the evening before. Actually, doing so is in accord with a much longer tradition: they are liturgies of light and darkness, as the name (tenebra means 'night' or 'shadow') suggests.

St Mary Moorfields, 4-5 Eldon St, London EC2M 7LS

Wednesday 23 March 2016: Spy Wednesday
21:00 Tenebrae

Thursday 24 March 2016: Holy Thursday
18:30 Mass
21:00 Tenebrae

Friday 25 March 2016: Good Friday
17:30 Solemn Liturgy
21:00 Tenebrae

Saturday 26 March 2016: Holy Saturday
16:00 Vigil Mass

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