Friday, December 04, 2015

Sons of the Holy Redeemer: wall calendar video

This is a brilliant little promotional video for the Wall Calendar produced by the Sons of the Holy Redeemer of Papa Stronsay.

All I'd add is that you can buy your copy here.

(And that the LMS Wall Calendar is also brilliant, you can get that here.)

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  2. Hello, could you make a post about how we as traditional Catholics can Evangelise our charismatic leaning brethren. And also how to get children and teenagers interested in traditional catholic life, mass, sacramentals, tradition, etc., especially if they do not have a good catholic home environment i.e. their parents are nominal catholics. I teach Catechism and I also teach in a catholic school so this would be helpful. The only problem is that in my country we do not have the traditional Latin mass. I live in the Caribbean on a small island and the church there is very protestantised like the pentecostals. The children/teenagers are increasingly secular.