Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Cardinal Pell and contempt for justice

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As I have written before, the conviction of Cardinal Georgy Pell, despite being upheld on appeal, is difficult to understand. On the one hand, as Pell’s legal team painstakingly explained, it was essentially impossible for Pell to have abused two choristers (as alleged) in a sacristy, while still vested, without anyone noticing, at a time when he would actually have been outside the front of the cathedral talking to Mass-goers. On the other hand, the only evidence against him is the word of one accuser; the other alleged victim denied that the abuse took place.
However the jury and two court of appeal came to their decisions, doubts will continue to be voiced, especially in light of the carefully argued dissenting opinion by one of the appeal-court judges.
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  1. It is strange that Pell would be convicted on such flimsy evidence. It’s all a puzzle. Pell has a long history of accusations and lies. He was also chosen by the Pope to his important position in the Vatican. That is suspicious at best. Hard to believe anyone close to the Pope is clean...

  2. I sincerely trust that your use of 'Georgy' insted of 'George' is a typo. If not then please be more respectful to a great (IMHO) man of God.

  3. David Its blindingly obvious that 'Georgy' is a typographical error In the article Joseph is clearly being polite and respectful towards Cardinal Pell so there was no need to be aggresive towards him