Monday, March 13, 2023

Staff changes at the Latin Mass Society

The start of the Easter Vigil last year at St Mary Moorfields. Richard Picket
was the Master of Ceremonies

I posted the job adverts here, so it behoves me to publish the results of the selection procedure. We had excellent candidates and I am delighted with the result of the process.

I'd like to reiterate our thanks to the outgoing members of staff. Their longevity in post has underpinned a period of stability and steady progress at the Latin Mass Society. We now have a new office, a new Communications Officer, two new Patrons, and will soon be joined by a new General Manager. There is always lots to do, and I'm excited by the prospect of fresh energy and ideas to bring to the task.


The Latin Mass Society Announces Staff Changes


After eight years as the Latin Mass Society’s General Manager, Stephen Moseling is retiring from this position at the end of March, 2023. The Society is very grateful for Stephen’s hard work over the years and prays that he enjoys his retirement

The Society is pleased to announce his successor will be Richard Pickett. Richard has an in-depth knowledge of the Traditional Rites and has helped with Confirmations, the Sacred Triduum, Pontifical Masses in Westminster Cathedral and other high-profile Masses in London. In addition to this, he previously worked at Westminster Abbey and the City of London Corporation in protocol and organisational roles. Richard will start work on 1st April and the Society is delighted that it will benefit from his experience and proven administrative and managerial skills. In anticipation of starting his new job, Richard commented: “I look forward to the prospect of working for the Latin Mass Society at this important moment. Tribute is due to Stephen Moseling, who has done so much to advance the work of the society."

Stephen reflects that “It has been an honour to have been a part of the work of the Society for the past eight years. I have every confidence that Richard will take the work of the office forward and I wish the Society well for the future."

The Latin Mass Society also welcomes Portia Berry-Kilby who has taken over the role of Communications Officer from Clare Bowskill who, after seven years as the Society’s Publicist, felt the time had come for the Society to have a new perspective on the way it portrays itself on social media and in the public domain. The Society is immensely grateful to Clare for all she has done and wishes her well for the future.

Portia has an extensive background in communications, research and strategy. She is a former attaché for the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations, and currently works on international freedom of religion or belief in Westminster, which she will continue to do while working freelance for the Society. 

Commenting on the recent staff changes, the Society’s Chairman Dr Joseph Shaw said: “The Latin Mass Society team has been very effective in serving the Church and getting our message across over recent years. I would like to pay particular tribute to Stephen's expansion of our on-line shop and Clare's achievement in increasing our following on social media.

“I am delighted that we have been able to fill both these important roles with excellent replacements, and I look forward to working with Richard and Portia, in the challenging circumstances that the Society currently faces.”


Portia Berry-Kilby

Communications Officer

Mobile: 07908569548

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  1. I'm sure that I echo the thoughts of all LMS members when I wish Stephen many happy & fulfilling years of retirement after working so hard for our advancement. Not having personal knowledge of Clare I cannot be so fulsome in praise but I do know that the LMS has a strong presence in our Church largely, I'm sure, due to Clare's input. As always Theresa & I continue to support the Society as it continues to battle against the 'diktats' of an increasingly hostile Pope.