Monday, January 11, 2010

Local events

I have some important local events to announce. For the full Mass listings see here.

Oxford Pilgrimage 2010
First and foremost, our new Archbishop, Bernard Longley, has agreed to participate in the annual LMS Oxford Pilgrimage. He will bless a new plaque in honour of Bl George Napier, which Oxford City Council are installing in the newly revamped Castle complex, marking the spot where he died on the Castle gallows in November 1610. The pilgrimage will take place on 23rd October, close to Bl George Napier's fourth Centenary; it will start with a Solemn Mass at Blackfriars, with Archbishop Longley in choir, after which our Archbishop will lead a procession to the site of the martydom.

Other events, in chronological order.

St Anthony of Padua, Thursday 21st Jan, Missa Cantata 7pm
For the second time, there will a Sung Mass in this church thanks to the hospitality of Fr Aldo Tapparo. It is the Feast of St Agnes and will include chant and polyphony provided by the Schola Abelis.

Candlemas, Tuesday 2nd Feb, Missa Cantata SS Gregory & Augustine, 6pm
As has become the pattern there will be a Sung Mass for this important feast: once of the key dates of the Catholic calendar.

Our Lady of Light, Long Crendon, Sat 13th Feb, Missa Cantata, 11.30pm
For the first time there will be a Sung Mass in Our Lady of Light, which is over the diocesan boundary in the diocese of Northhampton. This is the home parish of Bl Thomas Belson, in whose honour the parish priest, Fr Eric Manley-Harris, has recently established a side chapel. The Schola Abelis will be singing Chant and Polyphony at a Votive Mass of the Martyrs of England and Wales in honour of Bl Thomas Belson.

Ash Wednesday, 17th Feb, Missa Cantata SS Gregory & Augustine, 6pm
For the first time there will be a Sung Mass on this important feast.

Our Lady of Caversham, Sat 27th Feb, Missa Cantata 11.45
For the first time there will be a LMS Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Caversham, which is at the southern tip of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, just outside Reading. It is the Ember Saturday of Lent, and it will be accompanied by the Schola Abelis.

Mon 8th March Newman Society Termly Mass: Pontifical Mass with the Abbot of Belmont, Oxford Oratory, 7.15pm
The Schola Abelis will again accompany the Newman Mass, which will take place in the Oxford Oratory. The Mass is being sponsored by the Latin Mass Society.

Friday 12th March, Feast of St Gregory the Great: Missa Cantata SS Gregory & Augustine 6pm
This is the principal patronal feast of the parish church of SS Gregory & Augustine, and it will be marked by a Traditional Sung Mass in the evening, accompanied by the Schola Abelis.

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