Friday, January 01, 2010

Mass at Chartres

This year's pilgrimage to Chartres has been exceptionally hot. There was thunder last evening, as we approached the second campsite, but no rain. The heat has been maintained today. This makes it a lot harder for the pilgrims; after Mass on Sunday I started noticing groups of pilgrims waiting at the Order of Malta First Aid posts, clearly unable to walk further.

Somewhat to my surprise, I managed to walk the whole way, and somehow made it to our goal: Chartres Cathedral. My group had watch Mass on a huge TV screen outside Chartres Cathedral: the Cathedral is too small for the pilgrimage! But is nevertheless of wonderful event, and a fitting conclusion to the Pilgrimage, and we were blessed by the Bishop of Chartres himself.

I shall have a lot more to say, and a lot more photos, when I get back.

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