Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Vigil with the FSSP in Reading

Here are my pictures of the Easter Vigil. Fr de Malleray was celebrant, Fr Leworthy deacon, and Mr Grabowski subdeacon.

Numbers were excellent, and the schola and the ceremonies alike were the best ever acheived with the Fraternity apostolate in Reading. This may not sound much of a boast, but these Triduum services began only five years ago in Christ the King in Reading with Fr Nicholas du Chaxel FSSP, with extremly stretched singing and serving resources. We aren't perfect now, but the singing was more than respectable, with an eleven-strong schola each day, and you can see the large serving team. We are extremely fortunate to have the committment of the Fraternity to Reading, allowing these things to be built up over time, as is necessary.


The church by candlelight.

The whole set of photos is here, a slideshow here.

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