Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why I won't be voting for David Cameron

[Update: Fr John Boyle has posted in a similar vein here.]

I happen to live in the constituency of David Cameron, 'Witney'. It is a 'safe' seat, so he has nothing to fear from me, but I just thought I'd share this: h-t Peter Hitchens.

Paxman: "You're in favour of faith schools being able to teach sex education as they like". Cameron:"Not as they like. That's not right. What we voted for was what the government suggested in the end, which is proper sex education..." Paxman: "Should they be free to teach that homosexuality is wrong, abortion is wrong, contraception is wrong?" "No, and the government discussed this and came up with a good idea , which is to say that we wanted a clearer path of sexual education across all schools, but faith schools were not given any exemption but they were able to reflect some of their own faith in the way that this was taught. But no, you must teach proper lessons in terms of gay equality and also combat homophobic bullying in schools, I think that's extremely important."

The Latin Mass Society, I'm glad to say, has always attracted people from accross the political spectrum. One early supporter was the founder of the Welsh Nationalist party; a founding member, the convert Hugh Ross Williamson, was once deselected as a Labour candidate for being too left-wing. My involvement in party politics, in the past, was with the Tories: I canvassed for them in the 1987 election, while I was still at school, and was a party member for a few years after that.

But I won't be voting for Dave on 6th May. He clearly doesn't believe in the right of parents to bring up their children according to their beliefs (a right enshrined in international law, for what it is worth), and regards the beliefs of Catholics with contempt, indeed as worthy of legal suppression. I hope that all Catholics consider the views of their local candidates with care, and that whatever party ends up dominating the House of Commons there are more MPs there who will support the right of Catholics simply to live in accordance with their religion. It's not much to ask: just let us exist!

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