Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Server Training Day and launch of Servers' Sodality

I posted before on the 'Master Class' we are having for altar servers; this is taking place on Saturday 15th May, in Blackfriars, starting at 11.30. Contact me if you would like to come.

On the same occasion the Latin Mass Society will be launching a new sodality for those who serve the Traditional Mass, or want to learn:

The Society of St Tarcisius (website)

This will be a sodality under the leadership of the Latin Mass Society's National Chaplain; the Secretary will be David Forster. Email him to join.

The objects of the Society are to be:

1. To promote the dignified, devout, and accurate service of the altar in the traditional Roman rite.

2. To promote the spiritual formation of altar servers, in the spirit of St Tarcisius, who accepted death rather than allow the profanation of the most holy sacrament.

3. To disseminate information on the correct service of the altar, and arrange from time to time training events for servers.

4. To maintain a list of those who are willing and able to serve at the traditional liturgy, and provide this information to those organizing traditional events, where needed.

The Society is specifically committed to the traditional Latin liturgy of the Catholic church, in a form no later than that promulgated in 1962.


1. Full membership will be open to any Catholic boy or man who is able correctly and devoutly to serve low mass in the traditional rite. Where applicants for membership are not known to the secretary, the signature of an existing member, or of a priest, that this condition is fulfilled is needed.

2. Those not yet able to fulfil the requirement for full membership may be admitted as probationary members.

3. Others who wish to do so may join as supporters.

Membership is on application to the secretary.

It is not intended that there should be any fee or subscription for membership.

St Tarcisius was carrying the Blessed Sacrament to Christian prisoners during a persecution in 3rd Century Rome, when he was set on by a mob. Refusing to give up the Blessed Sacrament he was holding, they stoned him to death. Here's his Wikipedia entry.


  1. Matthewdoyle@hotmail.co.uk10:39 pm

    Count me in! Do I get a medal like the St Stephen's Club?

  2. Anonymous9:47 am

    Yes, David has thought of everything! A Sacred Heart medal on a blue ribbon. 

  3. Joseph Shaw9:50 am

    Yes, David has thought of everything! A Sacred Heart medal on a blue ribbon.