Monday, April 05, 2010

Bishop Hollis retiring this year?

This seems to be implied by this Paschal candle, in St Bede's Churh in Basingstoke, Portsmouth diocese, which shows his coat of arms with the dates 1988-2010.

It has been widely rumoured in Portsmouth diocese that Bishop Hollis has been seeking a slightly early retirement.

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  1. Londiniensis8:51 pm

    I note that Bp Crispian Hollis is timing his retirement to coincide with that of Los Angeles' Cardinal Abp Roger Mahoney. Perhaps they could together start up a hippy commune (sorry, a Centre for the Appreciation of Fully Incultutrated 1960's Liturgy following the Spirit of Vatican II).

  2. Kevin5:31 pm

    Mercifully, I don't live in Portsmouth diocese, but good friends there have had to suffer the politically correct machinations of Bp Hollis and his dodgy 'curia' for years.  The long suffering Catholics of Portsmouth diocese deserve a break.  Pray for Hollis, by all means, but pray especially for a true Catholic shepherd to succeed him.