Monday, August 30, 2010

New LMS Photo Gallery

We are nearing the completion of a new website, and one thing which can now be revealed is our new, up-to-date photo gallery, which uses Flickr.

You can see the photo gallery here; and the 'photostream' here.

The way it works is that LMS local Representatives and others admitted to the 'LMS Group' can upload their photos onto the 'photostream'; a special LMS Flickr account is then used to create a 'gallery' for each event or set of photos. Viewers can add comments and extra information to the galleries as they wish.

The galleries go back in time to about 2007, with a few important things from before then. We already have more than 80 galleries; we hope to keep this up to date and add photos from a range of places and photographers as time goes on.

Anyone who would like to join the LMS Group should contact me:

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