Friday, August 06, 2010

First Enrollments into Society of St Tarcisius

At the Summer School today we had the first enrollments for the Society of St Tarcisius. Fr Andrew Southwell is the Society's Spiritual Director; he blessed Sacred Heart medals and invested me and eight boys at the Summer School with them.
We made a promise to serve the Mass reverently and accurately as possible, for the glory of God and our own salvation.
An article in the Ossovatore Romano this week suggests that the acceptance of the illicit use of girls to serve the altar was good because it shows females are not 'impure'. It is incredible that anyone should imagine that the reason altar girls are inappropriate is 'impurity'; whatever that means. It leaves one wondering whether the author would apply the same reasoning to the admission of women to priesthood. If men alone should be priests, because if the roles assigned to the sexes in the economy of salvation by Divine Providence, it simply doesn't make sense for girls to assist at the altar as servers.
One of the Summer School staff took a photo of the proceedings using the IPhone 'Hipstamatic' ap, which makes it look as though it was taken by an old-fashioned camera. Cool eh? But this really did happen in 2010, and not 1950!
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