Friday, August 13, 2010

Fr William Barker, blessings of a newly ordained priest

Such is the nature of the internet, I've found quite by chance this video of an event at which I was actually present

I too received I blessing from Fr Barker; it was a remarkable occasion, he was surrounded by people wanting blessings and he went round and round blessing one head after another; the little boy next to him - a relation I think - was giving out ordination cards.

But what's with the hairy scary music? It was a joyful and serene event; the music makes it sound like the passing out of the storm troopers on the Death Star. I can't understand traddy video-makers using 'triumphalistic' type music of the kind which is so opposed in spirit to any kind of music traditionally approved for the liturgy.

Anyway, enough distraction, back to processing photos from the Downside conference!

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