Friday, August 13, 2010

SCT Summer School: lessons and activities

2010 08 06_6925
Each day during the Summer School we have lessons - unless we are doing a trip, there are four in the morning and two more after tea. This really distinguishes it from any kind of 'camp'; the students actually learn things. Fr Andrew Southwell teaches catechism to every age group; they are get lessons on history, art history, Catholic literature, music, philosophy, Latin, and even some Greek. All the students doing some singing, either chant, focusing on the Mass Ordinary, or polyphony, a motet for the final Mass sung by about half of the students, assisted by a number of members of staff.

Other acheivements of the week were those of the perennially popular sewing group - this year they made hand-puppets representing various saints:
2010 08 07_7193

students doing the drawing activity,
2010 08 07_6867

and the end of school play, as usual taken from Dorothy Sayers' war-time series, The Man Born to be King.
2010 08 07_6903
We pack a great deal into the week of the Summer School!

For more photographs, see here.

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