Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spiritual bouquet for LMS Chaplain, Fr Andrew Southwell

Fr Andrew Southwell has recently celebrated 30 years of the religious life, and is soon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his ordination. The St Bede's community is organising a spiritual bouquet in thanksgiving and for his good estate, with which the Latin Mass Society and the St Catherine's Trust would like to associate themselves. Please let us know what Masses you have had said, rosaries, communions etc. so they can be included in the bouquet to be presented at the beginning of September.

Fr Southwell has worked tirelessly for the cause of Tradition for many years, for scarcely any material reward beyond a roof over his head. He was the Chaplain of the Traditional Catholic Family Alliance, an apostolate for families, and later of the St Catherine's Trust, which runs a Summer School for children and a Family Retreat. He has for many years been attached to the parish of St Bede's in Southwark diocese, where he has built up one of the largest and most active congregations attending the Traditional Mass. This congregation is the mainstay of both the Sodality of the Five Wounds (of which he is Chaplain) and the London branch of the Guild of St Clare. He is now also the National Chaplain of the Latin Mass Society and has been closely involved with recent priest-training conferences.

You can email your contribution to the LMS office:

2011 07 02_0370
Fr Andrew Southwell, National Chaplain of the Latin Mass Society, centre, celebrating the LMS Annual General Meeting Mass in the St George's Cathedral, Southwark.

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  1. Fr. Andrew Southwell Dom priest is the greatest Traditional Sermons I have ever heard wishing where I can collect a recordings of all his sermons inc. the ones at St Bede’s for 7 yrs before Fr moved to other duties and I too then moved away please Jesus can I see Fr . Andrew again now I maybe moving to Arundel possibly 8 wks.time