Friday, July 29, 2011

Traditional Nuptial Mass in Oxford

The 'joy and ceremony' of the Traditional Wedding Service and Nuptial Mass demonstrates the rich symbolism, emotional depth, and ceremonial splendour given to us by the Roman liturgy for the great events of our lives, even when celebrated in a very modest way. This isn't the kind of superficial glamour which is purchased by the yard.
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The blessing of the ring. In the Traditional wedding ceremony the bridegroom gives a ring and also silver to the bride: 'With this ring I thee wed; this gold and silver I thee give; and all my worldly goods I thee endow.'
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Above, the vows. Below, the Schola Abelis, of which the Bridegroom is an active member, singing the Introit: Deus Israel conjugat vos - May the God of Israel join them together.

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The Nuptial blessing: a truly magnificent blessing invoking the examples of the Old Testament matriarchs. God is implored to make the bride amiable, as Rachel, learned in heavenly lore, as Rebecca, and long-lived and faithful, like Sara.
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Ad multos annos!

Mass was celebrated by Fr Aldo Tapparo in his church, St Anthony of Padua, of which the couple are parishoners.

See more videos of the Chants on the Schola Abelis blog; more photos in my Flickr set (or as a slideshow).

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  1. Dorothy B9:28 am

    How lovely to see such a simple wedding! The dignity and beauty of it, and the real meaning, shone through.  Congratulations and many blessings to the happy couple!