Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway's tragedy: don't blame Christianity

Update: I just love this photo of Breivik in his Masonic garb. H-t Bones!

While we are all in shock from the appalling events in Norway, the Norwegian police, the BBC and the international media have taken the opportunity to label the mass murderer, Breivik, a 'fundamentalist Christian'. What mix of laziness and Christianophobia has led to this is anyone's guess. What is clear is that the killer had no developed theological ideas and no discernible links to any Christian groups. See here.

There have been mindlessly violent Christians over the centuries: think of the Donatists in Africa, the somewhat Christianised gnostic Cathars in France, the Anabaptists in Germany, or Cromwell in Ireland. But Breivik was not one of them.

The initial basis of the claim was the fact that on Facebook he called himself a Christian. This is a minimally meaningful gesture but it fits in with his wider views, which have since emerged, to the extent that his motivating idea is opposition to multi-culturalism. You don't have to be a Christian to hate immigrants - on the contrary, being a Christian is an impediment - but if you want to oppose multiculturalism with some notion of native European culture, then you may want to lay claim to Christianity. And that is what is happening here.

Breivik also seems to be keen on Odinism. Are we going to hear that he is a pagan fundamentalist?

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  1. Dylan Parry10:30 am

    The man seems completely conflicted, and has created for himself a personality / personalities of contradictions.

    Unfortunately, the BBC and the liberal press were too quick in describing him as a "fundamentalist Christian" (a term they seemed to have taken from very early police reports). In fact, I noticed yesterday that those opposed to Christianity were referring to his supposed religious affiliations in some bizarre attempt to prove he was a woman-hating homophobe of the far-right. But it now seems that this Freemason, which is the only religion he seems to have been involved in, was "pro-gay" and very much into supporting Norway's secularist culture when it comes to women's rights, etc.

    A "fundamentalist Christian" into Freemasonary and gay rights... I think not!

  2. Joseph Shaw11:25 am


  3. Multum Incola4:12 pm

    I have also blogged on this bizarre affair:

  4. Yeah, it seems likely that he is an Odinist. They are often pro-Sionist and and Knight Templars. 

    He is very keen on World of Warcraft where the names of weapons are linked to Asatru. Talk about clutching at straws here. He is one of you guys and fighting the rest of you guys. As always: fight against your own and you can´t lose...