Friday, December 30, 2011

The Tablet quotes Mass of Ages

Not for the first time, I think. They've picked up the article wrtitten by the FSSP seminarian James Mawdelsy about World Youth Day (see cover photo). As I noted in the blog post below, James was a pro-democracy activist in Burma and was imprisoned; he was subdeacon at the Midnight Mass in Reading I attended. I'm not sure The Tablet can quite get its head around someone moving from political activism to a Traditional Seminary...

It has taken them a few weeks to get their hands on a copy of Mass of Ages. LMS members got it at the beginning of November. Don't get left behind!

You can buy your copy of Mass of Ages here!


  1. Tabula delenda est10:57 pm

    Which article in the Tablet is it mentioned in? I couldn't see it in the latest issue (the one where Mickens shamefully discusses possible papabile).

  2. Joseph Shaw9:06 am

    It is there - on the Notebook page.