Friday, March 22, 2013

Last call for the Family Retreat and Chant Course: April 5-7

Right after Easter the St Catherine's Trust Family Retreat will take place: from the afternoon of Friday 5th to lunch on Sunday 7th, at the Oratory School near Reading. It will be led by Fr John Hunwicke of the Ordinariate; there will be Mass and other liturgies (Benediction, Vespers etc.) in the Extraordinary Form; as always there will be a Marian procession through the lovely grounds of the Oratory School; Fr Hunwicke will give spiritual conferences; there will be activities for children.

Don't get left out! Discounts available if the headline price is a problem.

Everyone is welcome; we call it a 'family retreat' because we make special provision for families, but no one is excluded! More details.


Alongside it is the Gregorian Chant Network's annual Weekend Chant Course - a chance for something more than a day-long training session, with a bit of theory with the practice, and plenty of opportunity to sing 'for real', in the liturgy. Led by Dr Christopher Hodkinson, assisted by Paul Kolb.

All levels of experience, men and women, everyone is welcome! There are special discounts for groups coming from the same schola. All the details are here.

Bring your choir! Get up to speed together, and you'll be able to put it into practice right away when you get home. And it will be very cheap per head.IMG_9717

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