Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cost of the monarchy?

Hat-tip to Fr Hugh.

I love this. But it does miss something out: in talking of the 'cost of the monarchy' you have to take account of what the alternative would cost. The UK would still need a head of state, that person would still need a place to live, he'd still need to give dinners to foreign dignatories in posh houses, he's still need police protection etc.. Exactly what part of the £40 would be saved?

I blogged about praying for the monarch, as we do on Sundays at Sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form, here.


  1. Anonymous10:35 am

    And how many tourists would come to see another, and all too new, President? How would the President be chosen - by Parliament (a political creature) or by the people (and be a rival to the PM)? What powers would the President have?

    The questions seem endless. I think we see why there is no great push for the republican cause here at the moment!

  2. The Monarchy is the last Christian institution in the UK.