Tuesday, March 12, 2013

40 Days for Life with Bishop Egan

Bishop Egan will be joining the Southampton 40 Days for Life vigil at 3pm Palm Sunday 24th March; he will lead the group in the Rosary.

St Mary's Road / Brintons Terrace main entrance to the Royal South Hants Hospital SO14 0YG

Hospital map; directions by car.

Public transport: Firstbus No 7 from Above Bar Street; Uni link U6

The involvement of bishops in these things is of enormous importance, please support him and the initiative.

The photo reminds me of the old joke: a little boy asks his father, seeing an episcopal consecration: 'What are they doing to that man?' The father answers: 'They are removing his spine.' Well, that's a bit of the cermonial they seem to have left out with Bishop Egan.

You can indicate your commitment to attend by signing up directly on the vigil calendar.

Those of you who are too far away, please pray for this initiative!


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