Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God bless Pope Francis!

No one seems to know much about the man. As for his views on the liturgy, the traditional Mass scene is not well developed in Argentina.

The BBC, who don't seem to have been able to find a translator familiar with the Our Father, spoke volumes with the comment: 'A theological conservative, but strong on social justice.' BUT? What do you mean, 'but'?

Pope Francis' idea of social justice may not be exactly what liberal Europeans expect, since it does not arbitrarily exclude the unborn, or children denied parents of both sexes.

This may, in fact (speaking from complete ignorance) be the reasoning in the conclave. Who can best defend the Church's teachings on sexuality and life? Perhaps someone with impeccable credentials as a defender of the poor, someone of genuine personal humility.

It is obvious that attacks on the Church, especially by governments, on the issue of sexuality are going to be a major concern in the coming years. If Pope Francis is the man for that job, then he'd have got my vote too. In any event, he needs and deserves our support for this humanly impossible task.

There's little indication that he has a great interest in the liturgy. Surprising as that might seem, I'm quite happy with that. This isn't the moment for the Pope to be getting stuck into liturgical minutiae. Let's leave the whole issue alone for a few years, as long as the legislation we have continues to be applied. And Latin American prelates like to be obeyed.


  1. Well, I think all the criticism of pope Francis on Rorate Caeli is shameful to say the least. There they are sitting in judgement of a man who is probably very upright in living the precepts of the Gospel and intelligent, after his fashion; just because he doesn't conform to their vile beliefs and distorted view of Christ's Church. For shame!

    I don't personally believe in any ''Petrine Ministry'' but I do believe that Francis has the potential to surprise us all in his new role. May it prove fruitful for us all.

  2. Maybe the BBC got confused by his attachment to Communion and Liberation? On the internet already there are all sorts of ridiculous screeds because apparently he called same sex "marriage" a machination of the father of lies. In other words the Pope is still a Catholic (even though he may be a Jesuit!

    The vileness of the mainstream media towards the new Pope (and the wonderful Benedict XVI) is distressing.

  3. The website of the Institute of the Good Shepherd doesn't list a house in Argentina. But that site hasn't been updated in over a year. . .is this a new foundation?