Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This took place on Saturday. Mass, celebrated by our National Chaplain, Mgr Gordon Read, was beautiful, in the Pugin splendour of St George's Cathedral, Southwark.
After Mass we had a buffet lunch, which was a good opportunity to meet LMS members and chat. Lunch for everyone (on payment of a nominal fiver) is an innovation made possible by our use of St George's, which has excellent meeting rooms next to the Cathedral, the 'Amigo Hall', names after Archbishop Amigo.
Mgr Read gave a very interesting address to the AGM after lunch, on the importance of the liturgy in the development of devotions and the articulation of doctrines. Among other things he traced the development of the Feast of the Sacred Heart from the earlier devotion, and local feasts in honour of, the Five Holy Wounds.
It is nice to think that what we were doing would have been familiar to the great Archbishop Amigo, and the builders of this wonderful cathedral. Among the monuments I am particularly fond of this little fellow, on a neighbouring tomb:
 More photos here.

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