Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guild of St Clare: Goldwork Training days

Recent Lace-making training day with the Guild of St Clare
The Guild of St Clare has two goldwork training days coming up, on 13th December and 21st February. Full details are on the Guild blog. Beginners are very welcome, and this will be an opportunity for people who have already done some goldwork to develop their skills to a higher level.

We would like to take this opportunity to collaborate on a joint project. Some years ago the Guild created the LMS banner, which is now a very visible part of almost every major LMS event, in particular the Walsingham pilgrimage when it is carried on foot by pilgrims from Ely to Walsingham over the course of three days. It's now time that we made our own banner, for use at events like the Rosary Crusade, and we would like to incorporate contributions from as many members as possible.

Anyone attending these goldwork workshops will be invited to contribute their piece to the Guild Banner. The design is still embryonic, but we envisage several small floral medallions circling a larger picture, probably of St Clare, our patron. If you have ideas, please don't hesitate to tell us!

The LMS Banner on the Walsingham Pilgrimage
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  1. Dear Dr Shaw. When we attend the LRs meeting in London in December we intend bringing down a couple of altar missals which are not required in our diocese as we still have spares. Would it help if we also brought down various small pieces of vestments (stoles, maniples etc) which have no matching pieces? We thought they might be useful to the ladies of the guild. Please reply to david-oneill3@