Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oxford Graduates: Oxford's dead need YOU

The Altar in the St Thomas More Chapel
set up for the EF Mass.
Reposted: final reminder. I hope to finish this off this week, the final week of Term.

Any Oxford graduate, former visiting student, or current student, or current or former employee, who would like to support a petition for a Traditional Sung Requiem in the Catholic Chaplaincy for their deceased predecessors and contemporaries, please email

with 'Oxford Chaplaincy' as the subject and your name, address, and current or former college or whatever.

I am preparing a petition requesting permission for a Traditional Requiem in Oxford University's Catholic Chaplaincy. As an 'occasional celebration' this need not be requested by a 'stable group', but by a group of people interested in the specific occasion. As a requiem for deceased members and employees of the University, I take the view that the petition can be signed by anyone who now or at any time in the past has formed part of the community the Chaplaincy exists to serve. It is our contemporaries and predecessors for whose souls we would like to see intercession made, whether we can personally be present at the Mass or not.

I presented a similar petition just over a year ago, and the then Chaplain agreed to allow such a Requiem. It took place, in the St Thomas More Chapel in the Chaplaincy, on All Souls Day 2013; it was well attended and seemed to be regarded by everyone as a great success. It would seem that for it to be repeated a formal request under the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum is again necessary. It would made sense for such a Requiem to be an annual event.

No other Masses in the Extraordinary Form take place at the Oxford Chaplaincy, in contrast to the Catholic Chaplaincy in Cambridge, where an EF Low Mass is celebrated in the Chaplaincy every single Sunday in Term, as well as elsewhere in the town.

I have put more information about the petition and its history here.

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