Sunday, August 23, 2015

News from Silverstream Priory

I was delighted to meet Fr Mark Kirby, Prior of Silverstream Priory, for the first time at the LMS Pilgriamge to Wrexham, where he very kindly celebrated a High Mass for us. I am very happy to pass on this news about his community. I know one of the monks mentioned here, Br Elijah, because he has been on two of the LMS Latin Courses; Dom Benedict, who is now solemnly professed, I met in Wrexham.
Dom Finnian and Dom Elijah (left and right)

On Thursday, 6 August, feast of the Transfiguration, Dom Benedict Maria Andersen (a native of Denver, Colorado) prounced his final vows as a Benedictine monk of Silverstream Priory and received the monastic consecration. Father Benedict, 34 years old, holds degrees from the Lateran University, Rome, and from Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary, New York; he is a skilled typesetter and designer of liturgical books.
On Saturday, 15 August, feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, Dom Finnian Joseph King (a native of Bohermeen, Co Meath) and Dom Elijah Maria Carroll (a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma) pronounced their first vows as Benedictine monks of Silverstream Priory. Dom Elijah, 26 years old, is a graduate of the University of Tulsa. He will begin theological studies with the Dominican faculty at St Saviour’s, Dublin, in September. Dom Finnian, 34 years old, worked abroad for several years before entering Silverstream; he is currently studying art under Dony MacManus.

Representatives of the Benedictine family from the Abbey of St Joseph of Flavigny in France, and from the Abbey of San Miniato in Florence Italy were present for the occasion. Silverstream Priory now counts four professed monks, of whom two are priests. The Abbot of Flavigny recently sent Dom Basil M. McCabe, O.S.B. to lend a helping hand to the community at Silverstream during a particularly busy time. A number of men from Ireland and from abroad are currently preparing to come to Silverstream Priory for the initial phase of monastic formation.

The solemn profession of a monk at Silverstream is an important step, increasing the number of solemnly professed monks from three to four. The foundation is still in its infancy; three monks are the minimum number a community can have, not counting novices. It is also an important step to be accepting an Irish native into simple (or temporary) vows.

It is worth noting the existence of Silverstream as an option for young men in England drawn to the traditional Benedictine way of life.

May they continue to flourish!

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  1. I am privileged to have visited Silverstream a number of times and attend Dom Benedict's ordination last year. Catholics are very grateful to have this traditional Benedictine priory here in the devastated vineyard that is Ireland. To many years!