Saturday, November 26, 2016

First EF Missa Cantata in Holy Rood Church, Oxford


Since the church was consecrated in 1970 I think we may fairly claim that this is the first time a Missa Cantata has been celebrated there.


It is not exactly a traditionally-designed church, but the accoustic was good and there was no difficulty in celebrating ad orientem.


This is the bases of the Ordinariate in Oxford, and the Ordinariate Usage is celebrated here by the same priest, Fr Daniel Lloyd, on Saturday evenings.


It was the feast of St Sylvester, Abbot, and coincidentally the day before the First Sunday of Advent.


Holy Rood, just south of the river Thames in Oxford, is in Portsmouth Diocese, and with the permission of Bishop Philip Egan, Fr Daniel blessed the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham for public veneration. Up to now, it has only had an ordinary blessing.

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1 comment:

  1. Though I appreciate that your readership are principally concerned with EF Latin Masses can I encourage any who can to attend the Ordinariate Mass held at Holy Rood Church 5pm on Saturday. I go whenever I am in Oxford and the Mass is simply beautiful but with a pitifully small congregation. It was the subject of a Catholic Herald Blog
    where the authors daughter made the very perceptive remark “Daddy, are you SURE this is a church? It doesn’t LOOK like a church…”

    In fact the Church is frankly ugly but the Ordinariate Mass shows the ability of Good Liturgy to overcome its environment, the experience is beautiful despite the building. The Mass is Ad Orientum and the Choir are first rate so if anyone can get to Holy Rood Oxford on a Saturday evening I urge them to do so they will not regret it