Monday, January 25, 2021

More online Latin: and New Testament Greek

Don't miss out on the chance to start or improve your Latin and Patristic/ New Testament Greek with unthreatening online classes.


  • New Testament Greek for beginners and intermediates
  • Post‑beginners Latin
  • The Language of the Latin Mass :
  • Roman Canon (Eucharistic Prayer I) and the commentarial tradition from Ambrose to Almar — 50% subsidies for Priests, seminarians and religious


 “Ardor mihi inerat ut scirem quid priores auctores haberent in corde, qui nostra officia statuerunt”

 Living Greek & Latin for the World Today January 19, 2021


GREEK COURSE 1 (22 Feb ‑ 19 March 2021)

Greek Alphabet and very basic grammar for beginners

Plus Greek Course 2 (19th April to 14th May 2021): Intermediate Patristics and New Testament Greek Grammar:

8 weeks total : 2 hours weekly, consisting of two one-hour sessions, with a half-hour break in between, leading to possible participation in a six‑day residential Latin Mass Society Course (in August) £400 for 8 weeks of instruction and small-group work (reduced to £300 if only one course is taken) . No previous Ancient Greek is required

NEW: Post-Beginners Latin Course (19 April - 14 May 2021).

4 weeks. £240 per person for 2 hours per week. If you have taken already Beginners’ Latin, then come along for four weeks of Psalms reading and selections from the saints in order to begin consolidating your knowledge of formal grammar, including word ending changes and sentence structure

The Language of the Latin Mass 8 Weeks (22 February ‑ 19 March 2021, and 19 April ‑ 14 May 2021)

For Seminarians, Priests, Religious, 50% subsidised; and interested laypersons; two one hour sessions, on separate occasions, per week).

£600 per person but after generous Latin Mass Society subsidy this is reduced by 50% for priests etc. Connected to England and Wales by residency or background (PLEASE SEE NOTE* below).

About Me

I read Classics as an undergraduate at Oxford (MA conferred 2007) and later did further graduate study in ancient Indian languages also at Oxford. I also hold Master’s degrees in the History of Christianity and, most recently, in Philosophy. I have published one book on the monastic life of Mount Athos and am working on a second as well as occasionally publishing on ancient Indo‑European language. I am passionate about reading and teaching different forms of ancient language and do not believe these languages, or the texts written in them, are dead. They speak to modern concerns, needs and faith.

About the courses

Christian Greek and Latin runs throughout the year, in small groups. If you already know some of the language we are studying then we will build up quickly in a smooth progression to get you reading real texts from the Christian heritage. If you are new to ancient language then we will still take the same broad path but with additional assistance as required which will help you to quickly connect with the main learning route. The lessons are encounters with the language as it was written and as it has been valued for centuries.

Homework and rote‑learning need not be a significant part of these encounters — although some students do prefer these age‑old methods and they will find themselves looked after in that regard. Primarily, we are all language users, have all learned languages before. This experience will really be no different. You will quickly be reading and, I hope and would expect, enjoying Latin and Greek. We will meet, in groups of no more than four or five, for two hours a week . There will not need to be formal preparation for most classes (except for example while learning a new alphabet) but everyone will be free to read and learn between times if they choose. Plenty of hints will be provided about this!

Why ancient languages?

In a world of uncertainty our roots anchor us. For the Catholic Christian, Latin and Greek, along with Hebrew of course, as well as a range of other languages (for example Coptic) together form one of the most significant roots that allows us to draw nearer to the heart of the thought‑world of faith. The fresh experience of reading an author like Augustine, encountering him in his own language, is like none other. These courses are designed to promote such a direct encounter and to do so quickly. Whether your interest is devotional or related to theological study – or if you just want to read some good books – the Christian Greek and Latin courses are for you. We meet online in small groups throughout the year, with some seasonal variation. ‘‘Graduates’’ of one may go on to other courses, as they choose, but doing the Beginners class is not always essential, particularly if you already have extensive background in the Latin language, or a particularly intuitive grasp of language matters.

* The regular price (e.g. for interested and qualified laypersons) is £600 for the ‘‘Latin Mass” course. But please see the following.

(The course requires some prior experience of Latin and will be a more formal introduction to the grammar of the language than the Beginners’ course, on which it builds.)

NOTE FROM THE LMS: The Latin Mass Society has agreed to pay half the fee of clergy and seminarians, as well as religious who are either based in or hail from England and Wales. Simply sign up with the course provider, and your details will be passed on to the society who will pay the provider (Matthew Spencer) on your behalf. Please pay all remaining fees (50% of the regular price of £600) directly to him according to his usual arrangements (by bank transfer or, if preferred, via PayPal transaction).

Clergy from and in other countries are encouraged to ask their local Una Voce associations for help if they need it: Una Voce Scotland, Latin Mass Society of Ireland, Una Voce America, Latin Mass Society of Australia. Latin Mass Society (Ecclesia Dei) New Zealand, etc..

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