Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Mass of Ages Winter 2022 published

The Winter edition should be arriving with members right now: mine arrived today. It should also be in churches kind enough to stock it -- available free. It can be read online through the ISSUU website or app, optimised for use on mobile devices.

Details of the latest edition, and how to get a printed copy, here.

My favourite quote from the latest magazine is in Mary O'Regen's column, talking about devotion to the Holy Face. She quotes from the autobiography of Douglas Hyde, a communist who became a Catholic:

Hyde heard a Political Bureau member gripe that, “We get women into the Party…but within 12 months of our turning them into Marxists they are about as attractive as horses.” ... “The hatred which the Party kindles and uses is often quite shockingly apparent in eyes as hard as those of a Soho prostitute and lips as tight as those of a slumland money-lender.”

My favourite image is a very contrasting one: the charming carving showing St Anne surrounded by her daughters, with her grandsons playing below and their husbands in a row behind them. The is the subject of Caroline Farey's art history column this issue.

Our regular columnists:
• The Chairman’s Message: On why the Church must find a way of making peace with the Traditional Mass, which is to say, with her own heritage
• Family Matters: timely advice from James Preece on how when times are rough, we need to look out for each other
• Art and Devotion, Caroline Farey looks at a 15th century sculpture from South Germany
• Rome Report, Diane Montagna looks at some controversial appointments
• Architecture: Paul Waddington looks at the delightful church of St Edward the Confessor, Sutton Park in Surrey
• Mary O’Regan explains how to honour and love Our Lord’s Face is to have the gift of youthful beauty
• Wine: Sebastian Morello on the perfect accompaniment to treasured companionship
• World News: Paul Waddington reports on what’s happening around the globe

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