Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lanherne and Caldey Island

I've recently been sent photograps of the LMS Pilgrimage to Caldey Island, and the refurbished chapel of the new community at Lanherne in Cornwall, of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.
Laherne 005
For more on the convent, see this article from Mass of Ages. This reletively new order have taken over this former Carmelite convent. They are fully committed to the Traditional Missal and Office, and have now put the altar of their chapel back against the east wall. Thanks to Martin Gardner who took this photograph and others which can be seen here.

In the meantime, the Latin Mass Society Pilgrimage to another very interesting monastic centre, Caldey Abbey on Caldey Island, has taken place.
Mass on Caldey Island 01.07.09 004

Mass on Caldey Island 01.07.09 006
This was the first Traditional Mass to be celebrated on Caldey Island in c.40 years. The Feast was the Most Precious Blood and the celebrant was Fr Jason Jones of Our Lady of the Taper, Cardigan.

Thanks to Steffano Mazzeo, the LMS local Representative who organised the event. More photos here.

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