Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fr William Barker's first Mass

After the ordinations on the Saturday, the British contingent attended Fr Barker's first Mass on the Sunday morning. This was in an exquisit Baroque church a couple of miles from Wigratzbad itself. The full set of photographs can be seen here.
2009 06 28_2638_edited-1
2009 06 28_2655_edited-1
Note the angels painted on the inside of the tabernacle doors.
2009 06 28_2663_edited-1
Note the houselling cloth on the altar rails. They also used a houseling cloth at the ordination Mass, when the ordinands were given communion not at the communion rails but in front of the altar. The cloth was stretched between two acolytes and formed a sort of temporary railing.
2009 06 28_2672_edited-1
I was in the choir loft. The church was packed.
2009 06 28_2681_edited-1

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