Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wigratzbad - pictures

Coming back to the UK from Wigratzbad I immediately went on holiday, so these pictures have been delayed. But here they are at last. The full set is here.

Before the ordinations, Fr Simon Leworthy FSSP running to the church in the pouring rain. It rained one and off all day.
2009 06 27_2697_edited-1
The ordinands process in.
2009 06 27_2707_edited-1
The sacred ministers reach the altar.
2009 06 27_2734_edited-1
The ordinands lying before the altar.
2009 06 27_2780_edited-1
Bishop Shneider lays on his hands.
2009 06 27_2802_edited-1
So do the other 65 priests present.
2009 06 27_2815_edited-1
The ordinands are given their chasubles, pinned up at the back.
2009 06 27_2848_edited-1
Their hands are annointed, and bound together.
2009 06 27_2864_edited-1
Mass resumes, with the ordinands assisting.
2009 06 27_2906_edited-1
Bishop Shneider gives the ordinands the kiss of peace.
2009 06 27_2935_edited-1
They prepare to process out of the church.
2009 06 27_2994_edited-1
Bishop Shneider.
2009 06 27_3002_edited-1
During the lunch afterwards, Fr William Barker stands between me (right), Leo Darroch, Presidenet of Una Voce International (left), and to the right of Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP, who is based with Fr Leworthy in Reading.
2009 06 27_3018_edited-1

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