Monday, July 13, 2009

Solemn Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine

Yesterday there was celebrated what I believe to have been the first Traditional Solemn Mass celebrated on a Sunday in an Oxford church. This is a tremendous breakthrough for the integregration of the usus antiquior into parish life in Oxford.

The Church was SS Gregory and Augustine, and the occasion was the visit of a touring Polish choir, the Pueri Cantores Plocenses. Fr John Saward, Priest in Charge, was the celebrant; Mr ; the Subdeacon was a visiting Benedictine monk, Dom Bede Price, of the Abbey of St Louis, Missouri.

The Pueri Cantores numbered more than 40, and took up much of one side of the nave. They were supplemented by a small Gregorian Schola for the propers. The choir sant Byrd's Mass for Four Voices quite beutifully.

The church was packed, with many people joining the schola in the choir loft and others standing at the back.

Let us hope this is but the first of many Sung and Solemn Masses in Oxford on Sundays!

I'm sorry that technical mishaps left me only rather inferior photographs.

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  1. Anonymous9:38 pm

    This is an interesting post.I am surprised that Oxford has only now experienced the first solemn Mass on a Sunday. But, wow, what a Mass this must have been, and so international. Such a service like this, surely must have created a wonderful atmosphere. Wish I could have been there.

    John Oliver.