Thursday, January 20, 2011

PCED Intervenes to ensure a weekly TLM in Croatia

I don't know of another case like this, though I am sure there are ones which have not been publicised.

The faithful attached to the Traditional Mass in Croatia, not finding their needs met, appealed to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which took the matter up with the local authorities. And now it is announced that there will be a Traditional Mass on every Sunday and Holy Day in Zagreb.

Details on Rorate Caeli.

One thing to notice about the case is that they are not being given a monthly Sunday Mass, and less still a monthly or quarterly Mass on a Wednesday afternoon. This isn't about enabling a group of people to experience the Traditional Mass every so often. This is a Mass every week at 11.30am, to enable this group to fulfil their Mass-going obligations exclusively with the Tradtional Mass, and form their personal spirituality around it. The Mass is not a historical curiosity; attachment to it is a legitimate way of being a faithful Catholic.


  1. Anonymous7:02 pm

    I wonder how long they took to make that ruling. We in Paisley diocese wrote over a year ago and not a sound back from Rome!

  2. Mihovil5:16 pm

    I understand from the report in Rorate Caeli that it took a long time. But as you can see there, the initiators followed the procedure strictly, by starting with their own Ordinary. So the delay you experience might be due to skipping the Ordinary if it had been the case. It is also necessary to keep documentation, including all reminders, and send all to Rome. Otherwise, they will not know the facts. You can also ask for details the Croatian Blog: Braća Blizanci, they know English, and you can find there their email address.  We must understand the bishops: they were bullied into all this mess by Rome, and now that same Rome tells them that it was all nonsense. I also think that you have to emply a canon lawyer to draft the letters, or at least a lawyer by profession.