Monday, August 06, 2012

Great Evangelium conference

Great speakers - here's Fr Tim Finigan.
 Loads of young people: in one of the talks I gave IMG_0501
 and gathering for the 'discussion panel' of which I was a member. IMG_0503
The Traditional Mass - early on Sunday morning, in the Old Chapel, and attended by about a dozen people.
The FSSP stall, manned by Alexander Stewart, an English FSSP Seminarian at Denton.
And the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Mennini, preaching. 'Waste a little time with God, in prayer, every day!' he said. Liturgical enthusiasts will note that he is wearing a dalmatic under his chasuble - as is traditional for bishops, to emphasise that the office of bishop includes and fulfills that of priest and deacon.
 A great weekend! Don't miss it next year. A few more photos.

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