Thursday, August 02, 2012

More about the Summer School

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The St Catherine's Trust Summer School, which took place last week, combines lessons in a range of subjects with a Catholic angle - catechesis, art, history and so on - with the best liturgy anyone could experience outside a religious community. In the lovely Pugin chapel, we had Solemn Mass nearly every day, with singing supported by the very talented Br Richard Bailey, and the chant expert Chris Hodkinson; we also had sung Vespers every day, and Beneediction twice during the week. IMG_0322 IMG_0353 IMG_0408
Among the activities, this year as in previous years, was the very popular sewing group. This year they were doing gold work: a technique used on vestments, using gold thread. For their project, a goldwork design on a scarf, they used gold-plated thread. The results were extremely impressive.
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At the end of the week we had our usual hilarious quiz, and a radio play, one of Dorothy Sayers' 'The Man Born to be King' series: 'The Resurrection'. Here is the cast - nearly all of the students, in fact!


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