Friday, August 03, 2012

More about Pantasaph

Pantasaph is one of the great acheivements of our Catholic forbears. It was a great privilege to have the Summer School and the LMS Latin Course there. The Pugin chapel is just one aspect of it: it gives a real sense of a Catholic institution, with stained glass windows in the corridors, holy statues and pictures of the saints at every turn - not all of them of St Francis, I would say about half!

IMG_0357 It is best known as the home of the National Shrine of St Pio, Padre Pio, who of course was a Capuchin Franciscan like the friars at Pantasaph (and the Oxford Greyfriars).

It also has a very impressive Stations of the Cross, going up a hill, and a Rosary Walk, both of which we used in the course of the week. I've created a whole 'set' of photos of the individual Rosary mysteries.

Here is the conclusion of the Rosary Walk, an old quarry. IMG_0442
One of the Stations of the Cross. IMG_0333
And its conclusion, the 14th Station, where Our Lord is laid in the tomb. IMG_0347
Here is an elaborate crib scene, in a little outhouse called 'the Stable'. IMG_0355
More photos.


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    1. Fantastic! What a wonderful place. The chapel looks really very beautiful. Interesting that there is a national shrine to Padre Pio there. Must visit. How traditional are the monks?