Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walsingam: the photos are uploading!

With apologies to Fr Bede Rowe, our blogging chaplain, my own photos of the pilgrimage are uploading. You can see the full set here.
Mass in Ely parish church.
We had a rather interesting return journey as our car broke down in the ford next to the Slipper Chapel. So much for Google maps. There is a sign in the Shrine office warning people not to follow sat nav to the shrine, but by the time you get there it may be too late...
Fr Bede blessing the pilgrims
I'm pleased that the Blogpress ap worked en route, though the quality of the pictures is terrible. I've got some better ones uploading. In fact, with my new camera they were so big that I've had to compress them to get them onto Flickr in less than half an hour.
Bishop Davies processing in to the Reconciliation Chapel at Walsingham, after Fr Mark Withoos, and in front of the celebrant, Canon Meney, the deacon, Fr Rowe, and subdeacon, Fr John Cahill.
Fr Bede has his own series of short posts on the progress of the pilgrimage here.

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