Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cardinal Ouellet addresses our bishops

'Protect the Pope' has drawn attention to some very interesting words of Cardinal Ouellet, the Canadian Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, in a sermon he preached to the Bishops of England and Wales, who were in Rome for their annual get-together and to meet the Holy Father.

My brother bishops, you face many challenges in your apostolic ministry in England and Wales. Perhaps you can identify with Peter and John as they are dragged before the Sanhedrin to be pressured, threatened and even beaten to stop proclaiming the saving Truth of Jesus Christ.
Perhaps you can sense viscerally the pressure to obey men rather than God, to see yourself as a mere manager or functionary rather than a disciple and an apostle.’
The Cardinal quotes the Holy Father's words in a recent sermon, about how bishops and others in the Church should not be 'mere functionaries', but real disciples. This means, Ouellet reminds us, standing up for the truth and for justice, even against the powerful. The Holy Father had some rocky times with his own native government, of course, when in Argentina. Sometimes it is necessary to do things the establishment thinks are difficult, obstructive, offensive, the 'wrong side of history' and so on. 
God will not judge us on how many chums we had in high places, or how easy people found us to work with as they implemented the culture of death. He requires us to be witnesses to some uncomfortable truths. This requires diplomacy, restraint, and charity - and courage and fortitude. 
It is good to know that Cardinal Ouellet understands the situation in England and Wales. Let us pray for our bishops, and for good appointments in the future. 

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  1. So how does this jive with caving on raising children Catholic? Caving on civil unions for homosexuals? With granting equal rights to religious error?

    Who are they supposed to get tough with? Who do they think they are un-chumming? It seems like the only "establishment" that modern churchmen are opposed to is the devout, traditional "establishment" that is against the endless compromises these men make between the Catholic Faith and the world. No doubt our church leaders lack nothing of diplomacy and restraint when dealing with worldlings, but exercise without fault "courage and fortitude" (really just brazen bullying) when it comes to dealing with traditionalists.