Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gaudete Sunday in Hethe


Last Sunday I attended (and sang at) Mass in Holy Trinity, Hethe, an EF Sung Mass celebrated by Fr Paul Lester the Parish Priest.


I wish I could express how profound, how consoling, and how edifying the ancient Mass is, with its texts, ceremonies, and chants. This is something which readers do not know have to experience for themselves.


Much as I love (and regularly attend) Low Mass, for Sundays a Traditional Sung Mass with the Asperges before it is the birthright of every Catholic. The practical obstacles can be tremendous, as I know from personal experience in several parish contexts, but it is the basic food for the servants which the good overseer should provide while the Master is away.


In Holy Trinity Hethe we now have this twice a month, and we'll have a Missa Cantata for an anticipated Midnight Mass (6pm) as well, for I think the third year running. (It is outside Bicester, near Junction 10 of the M40,  postcode OX27 8AW.)


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