Sunday, June 25, 2017

LMS AGM Mass with Fr Alex Stewart FSSP: photos

Fr Alex Stewart, ordained only a week, celebrated a High Mass in St James' Spanish Place in London for the LMS Annual General Meeting.








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  1. Dear Dr Shaw

    What is the reason for the AGM Mass being celebrated at St James' now instead of the cathedral? Is it because of smaller congregational numbers, as appears to the be the case in the first picture? And, if so, what are the reasons for shrinking numbers?

    I was a member of the LMS and regularly attended the AGM Mass some 15 or so years ago when a student in London. The occasion was always well attended, the cathedral always almost completely full. I think back to those occasions with very fond memories.

    Best wishes

    1. Yes I would like to know why we no longer use Cathedral ?

    2. The reason why the AGM Mass was not in Westminster Cathedral this year is because the cathedral could not provide us with a slot on a convenient date. There happened to be ordinations in Westminster Cathedral on the day of the AGM, so that day was not possible.

      Other dates proved impossible for various reasons such as the FSSP ordinations in Warrington the previous Saturday and regular fixtures like the Holywell Pilgrimage.

      With regard to numbers, it is partly a result of our success that fewer attend. Fifteen years ago, the two Masses in Westminster Cathedral organsed by the LMS were the only opportunity many people had to attend a full Solemn Mass. Now there are several each week scattered around the country.

  2. I love father Alex. He is my local priest in Minneapolis.